Sports medicine is fast becoming one of the most well researched fields in the contemporary times, with an increasing number of funds, resources and efforts being invested into the subject.

With massive groups of experts conducting extensive research campaigns and studies into the subject, there are now a vast series of latest updates in sports medicine available, which are informed to the reader through varied modes of media.

The Highlights

In this section, we outline and briefly explain the major developments and the latest updates in sports medicine.

One of the most important and perhaps beneficial to the mankind is the discovery in context of the therapeutic capability of the stem cells. According to researchers, there is a possibility that in the future, the primitive stem cells from infant’s umbilical cord blood could actually grow new knee ligaments or elbow tendons, leading to creation of gene therapy that could transform the success rate of sports injury repair1.

In other parts of the world, there are continual series of programs that are organized to impart education and training in the subject. One such important and latest updates in sports medicine is the course being undertaken by the Botswana Football Association (BFA). According to sources, the BFA has recently played host to a FIFA sports medicine course at the Lekidi Football Centre, imparting essential knowledge and training to the experts in the field2.

In a yet another latest update in sports medicine, exercises in various forms have been labeled as one the most result-oriented forms of medicine. As per news reports3, a latest program launched recently encourages the US physicians to prescribe exercise to their patients as a way to treat as well as prevent illness.

The program, referred to as Exercise is Medicine, is basically a joint program initiated by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the American Medical Association (AMA).

Adding another dimension to the latest updates in sports medicine, there are now an increasing number of publications being issued. Dr. Robert Huizenga, the leading sports medicine expert and a bestselling author, recently penned the title, Where Did All the Fat Go? The WOW! Prescription to Reach Your Ideal Weight – and Stay There4. Slated for a release in mid-January, 2008, it lays down comprehensive guidelines for safely losing fat, while gaining muscle and bone at the same time.

A yet another series of research reports reveals that an increasing number of sports organizations are now opting for specialists in the field of sports medicine. This is primarily due to the fact that the amount and severity of competition in sports has increased manifold, making it necessary to minimize loss of performance and overall efficiency.
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