It can be a frightening and difficult thing to watch a loved one go through a stroke. The worrying, waiting, and hope that someday he or she will regain full movability and speech is forever on our minds. Physical therapy, or Physiotherapy for stroke patient generally begins within days of hospital admission. It has been shown that physiotherapy greatly helps patients suffering through a large range of disabilities, though recovery is often a long term process.

There are many programs and techniques used in physical therapy. The goal for physiotherapy for stroke patients is to strengthen and maintain mobility of the patient’s limbs and prevent reoccurrence and further complication. Proper care and exercise techniques must be maintained in order to prevent muscle and limb weakness. Physiotherapists train both the patient and caregiver how to perform exercises safely and within reason. Other techniques and lessens taught to the patient and caregiver include keeping things safe, such as removing obstacles from the patient’s path at home, keeping the patient away from hot stoves and ovens, ways to prepare food, and helping with balance. Safety is always a concern. Care should be taken in leaving a stroke patient alone.

Physiotherapy for stroke patient is usually performed in hospitals or stroke rehabilitation clinics. A high percentage of stroke survivors end up hospitalized for long periods, or have in-home care.

Some exercise techniques used in physiotherapy for stroke patients are the same as physical therapy used for patients with other disabilities. Massages, mechanical or percussion equipment, suctioning, prescription medicines, and evaluation are all methods used. For those with lung and breathing problems, chest physiotherapists teach coughing and deep breathing exercises.

Patients who can stand learn balance training, which may or may not include using walking aids. They practice getting from a bed, or chair to the wheel chair, or walking aid without incident. Physiotherapists also work with stroke patients on exercises like simple stretches, muscle strengthening, endurance, and even deep breathing.

There are a number of practices used in Physiotherapy for stroke patient with speech issues. Short term speech therapy is showing greater success at restoring language skills in many stroke survivors. This is done with the patient and speech therapist going over language three hours a day for a few weeks. The patient is encouraged his or her time, as high emotions such as frustrations are known to interfere with speech patterns.

From diagnosis, to treatments, massage, primary care, discussion and proper exercise Physiotherapy for stroke patient offers tremendous aid to the patient and family through the long road to recovery.