Almost all pains are caused by strains or sprains. Strains like injured muscles or tendons and sprains as damage to the ligaments or tough fibrous tissues located where your vertebrae connect to joints. Your everyday activities such as, sitting at the computer, crawling into bed at night, slipping on a pair of shoes, strenuous exercises are among other things that can make or break your spine health. Injuries typically happen due to excessive lifting, new activity, overuse or an accident. There may be times that a compressed nerve, such as herniated disk causes the pain.

Long hours in front of a screen. An average person spends nine hours of slouched or hunched over in front of a screen everyday. Increased texting, playing games or just browsing using your latest tech obsession is creating more pains in our necks, shoulders and backs. It is important to take breaks by doing some neck exercises, hold your head for 10 seconds for each of the following positions, forward, back, right and left. Do this five times a day. More importantly, occasionally leave your gadget out of sight.

Sleeping position. Sleep on your side or back to keep your spine elongated and neutral. Your pillow should be in line with your spine. As for your bed, it should not be too hard nor too soft to keep your back and joints out of whack.

Too emotional. Struggling with pain can make you very emotional. Studies have shown that people suffering from back pain are more likely to become more depressed. Antidepressants as well as mood enhancers such as exercise, meditation and deep breathing can help ease the stress and make the person feel better.

Smoking. Cigarettes are not only bad on your heart and lungs but also it can also result to back problems. Nicotine restricts blood flow to vertebrae and disks, so they may age and break down more fast. Smoking can also lead to osteoporosis because it interferes the ability of the body to absorb and use calcium. To avoid this, quit smoking.

Uncomfortable style. Not only the sky-high stilettos can cause you trouble but also the flats as well. Flats provide little arc support and continuous wear can lead to foot, knee and back problems. Alternate styles throughout the week, from high to flat and avoid wearing a particular pair everyday. Use bag that weigh only 10% less of your body weight.

One of the best ways to maintain a healthy back and chase away aches and pains is through exercise, but according to majority of experts, this can still cause a problem. When doing a lot of sitting, the muscles that support the spine gets weaker making you more prone to injury.

Exercising with improper form like, rounding the back when doing lifts or aching it during ab work, can place unwanted stress on the spine. Our spine has many nerves connected to it that damage can cause paralysis of the body. Tricity Pain Associates can give you the right care when it comes to your spine.

Unless you do some spine tuning like, strengthening your back through proper exercise and doing healthier habits, of course with the advice of a medical expert can greatly help relieved your back pains. Activities that should be avoided to keep your spine in good shape.

If you are experiencing frequent and too much pain that you can no longer tolerate, it’s time that you get help from a spinal doctor such as Dr. Urfan Dar. He could assess the problem you are experiencing and give remedy.