Right side upper back pain usually occurs between your lower back and neck, in the area where the spinal column and ribs join. Right side upper back pain may develop from torn or overstretched muscles and ligaments caused by injury, strain, or overuse. When there is any type of damage or injury alongside the spinal column, to the muscles and ligaments attached to the bones or vertebrae, you feel right side upper back pain. Some individuals may experience frequent muscle contractions or occasional muscle spasms. Usually localized, your can often feel the pain when someone touches your upper back; moving your shoulders; while breathing; or while moving your neck. Some experience restrictions in movement with right side upper back pain when the pain travels along their right shoulder blade.

Other reasons for your right side upper back pain include misalignment or partial dislocation of rib joints, which causes localized, intense sharp pain and pain when breathing in deeply. There is sometimes referred pain with this that goes through the chest cavity, ribs, and to the side. For strained muscles causing right side upper back pain, many doctors recommend conservative treatments such as anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxants, ice packs, and stretching exercises. Many physicians do not recommend any physical activity such as exercising, other than stretching, because this may cause further damage. Another cause of right side upper back pain is a disc or facet join in your cervical spine. Postural syndrome may cause an aching pain in the right upper back. Computer operators that spend most of their day sitting at a computer are prone to this, due to the abnormal strain placed on their shoulder and thoracic muscles from reaching for their mouse or poor posture from sitting improperly or looking up or down continuously at the monitor.

Referred pain from some organ dysfunctions can cause right side upper back pain and thoracic spine pain. Some of the causes of referred pain include stomach disorders, gallbladder problems such as gallstones, spleen, heart, asthma, osteoporosis, and pancreas problems. Chiropractic care can bring relief to a majority of patients suffering from right side upper back pain. For treatment of symptomatic disc injuries, the chiropractor uses the flexion distraction technique. While lying on a special table, it gently stretches the patient’s spine in a pumping motion and lets the chiropractor isolate and treat the area of disc involvement.

If you are suffering from right side upper back pain, see your doctor who will give you a physical examination and run tests to find out the cause of your problem and provide a diagnosis. If left untreated, your condition can become debilitating or chronic.