Chronic back pain affects such a large number of people today. For some of the sufferers the pain is a temporary ailment that can be fixed such as a torn ligament or pulled muscles. These may seem like minor problems, but if left untreated can escalate into excruciating pain that lasts for months and becomes chronic pain. There are also those that are less fortunate and can’t find a quick fix for their back pain. Some have chronic back pain for years.

Individuals with chronic back pain add up to a large number as well as the number of these that lose many days from work. Recent statistics show that 1/3 of the population in the United States suffer from chronic back pain. Many of these end up losing their jobs due to the chronic back pain and hiring practice. Many companies make finding a new job very difficult. Although there are many laws against discrimination for one reason or another, many employers will use the chronic back pain and hiring practice of their company to find an excuse to not hire you.

Many groups have been formed with people that have all be affected by chronic back pain and hiring practices of an employer, either past or present. These groups are really helpful organizations where the individuals get together and share their stories about problems they’ve encountered either medically or on the job force. There are websites that deal with the situation of chronic back pain and hiring practices of different companies as well as ways to solve these problems.

Some of the groups are with people that suffer from Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. They get together and discuss their lives as well as offer each other tips and advice on treatment methods and options available. Other counties have Chronic Pain Management Groups. Many sufferers of chronic back pain and hiring practice problems find these support groups very helpful and satisfying.

It’s unfortunate that so many people today suffer from chronic back pain to the extent that it affects their job. Unlike headaches colds and flu, chronic back pain usually is with people for months. In this time, it usually will affect any person’s job to some extent. If the job is a physical one, the person’s job performance is going to be affected more resulting in time lost from work as well as possible workmen’s compensation claims against the company. For this reason many employers are hesitant about hiring someone with a history of chronic back pain and their hiring practice will be to not hire them. They may not tell you this is the reason, but may say a different employee was more qualified.

This is another reason to seek medical treatment at the onset of a back problem before it gets serious and turns into a chronic problem.