Chiropractic treatment at one time was used by very few people because it was a new procedure and many didn’t believe in it. Insurance companies wouldn’t pay for chiropractic treatment because they didn’t feel it was a medical treatment by a “real doctor”. Through recent years, a lot of this has changed, including many insurance companies now paying for chiropractic treatment of back pain.

Most people with back pain will try their own remedies first, including ice packs, heating pads, rest, pain relievers, etc. When this doesn’t work, most of the back pain sufferers will then see their doctor to see what more can be done to relieve the back pain. The doctor will not usually recommend chiropractic treatment of back pain until he’s tried a few methods of treatment and they don’t work. In some cases, the doctor does not ever recommend a chiropractor, whereas in certain back pain cases, they will suggest you seeing if a chiropractor can help.

Many individuals may suffer recurring back problems every time they participate in certain activities. In cases such as this, they often bypass seeing their regular doctor and go directly to a chiropractor. Chiropractic treatment of back pain works very successfully for many back pain sufferers, and they wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else for their back pains.

The chiropractic treatment of back pain consists of the manual manipulation of your back to get it in the position and condition it should be normally. You may have heard friends say they were going to see their chiropractor to get a back “adjustment”. This adjustment is the common chiropractic treatment of back pain, the manipulation that is used on the vertebrae that are not moving in the normal way. The adjustment of the vertebrae will give more range of motion, better nerve conditions and help relieve the pain.

The adjustment consists of a quick, high velocity, short lever arm thrust right to the vertebra. This is usually comes with a release of gas, such as oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide when the joint is cracking. It is important to be relaxed and not tense when the chiropractor is doing the adjustments or there may be more pain and discomfort. In this case, the chiropractor may have to apply ice to the back, give the patient some rest and try electrical stimulation before attempting to make the adjustments again.

Chiropractic treatment of back pain is becoming very common with people that suffer from upper and lower back pain. Most individuals do not go to the chiropractor for just one visit. They usually make return visits every time their back begins to bother them again. This is the main reason why many people will not see a chiropractor. They believe the chiropractor is “adjusting” the symptoms temporarily, but not fixing the cause.