If you haven’t had a pain in the back since forever, then you might not need to read this article. But chances are lower back pain symptoms will be very familiar to all of you. Lower back pain symptoms are the most common reason why people in the US go to see their doctors.

The causes of lower back pain symptoms are rather numerous, and we really don’t have the time here to cover them all, so we will take a look at a few of them to give you an idea of what you might be looking at if you are having lower back pain symptoms.

Just a few of the lower back pain symptoms include muscle spasms, cramping and stiffness, a burning pain and just plain old uncomfortable pinching that means you can’t sit still for long in one place without squirming. And generally speaking, you will know for sure when these things happen, because the pain will drive you up the wall. It can be in one place one minute, and in the next instant can be someplace else. You may find that certain movements make your lower back pain symptoms worse.

Just when you think you have a fix on your lower back pain symptoms it moves from the front to the side, from the back to the front, from the leg to the butt or maybe it will just settle in your lower back. If you happen to get the pain down to your foot, it may be sciatic related.

The cause of lower back pain symptoms are very complex simply because the back itself is a highly complex structure. For instance the large nerve roots in the lower back go to the legs and arms could be irritated or injured. The smaller nerves that give life and feeling to the spine in your lower back could be injured or inflamed. You could have done damage to bones, ligaments or joints. You name it, and it could possibly be the cause of your lower back pain symptoms.
There could be other things going on as well, and really, you need an evaluation by your doctor before you can even begin to take care of what is going on in your back. The thing is, many types of low back pain really have no known cause – they’re tagged as idiopathic. But that does not mean the pain you feel does not exist. It just makes things a little harder to try and track down and a little harder to deal with to recover.
Ok now that we know some lower back pain has no identifiable cause, here are some of the causes that can be pinpointed. These are causes for the under 60-year old crowd. The first most common one is sciatica (pain radiates through the buttocks), with possible numbness down to the foot. This type of pain is usually worse after a long period of standing or sitting.
Some positions you sit or stand in will give your back grief and bending, lifting and running will also give you difficulties. This is usually called degenerative disc disease and may become chronic and vary from time to time. This is where prevention comes in handy. Work hard now to ensure your back muscles and stomach muscles are in good condition to support your back, and you will have fewer problems as you get older.