There are a number of reasons why people turn to physical therapy, or physiotherapy. Books, brochures and classes abound full of information on massage techniques, chest physiotherapy, athletic injuries, sometimes a picture says more than words. This is where physiotherapy cartoons come in.

Hospitals, schools and books on physical education use Physiotherapy cartoons to help educate patients, both young and old. They provide a way for the patient to understand the process. Subjects like exercise are illustrated along side instructions for a clear picture of how to exercise and stretch without injury. A cartoon illustration on standing and sitting postures helps those with back pain learn how posture can minimize problems. Some VCR or DVD based cartoons and coloring books were made for children with certain illnesses in mind to help relax their fears.

The second form comes through comic illustrations. Cartoonists find humor in everything and, because it includes so much variety, physiotherapy is one of their favorite subjects. Physiotherapy cartoons are everywhere. They are in the local newspaper, in books, online, even hanging in hospitals, clinics and private practices. There purpose is to make people laugh, or to cause a “what if” scenario. One such comic shows a nude woman flying off a massage table with a therapist stating, “I always use lots of oil when I give a massage….oops!”.

Sometimes, the illustrator and writer create physiotherapy cartoons, or comics, as a means for discussion or debate on a controversial topic, or to present their own view on the subject to the public. There have been cartoons depicting a man in a turban standing over a bed of nails with an “Orthopedic” sign nearby. Numerous comics show the physiotherapist needing a physiotherapist to relieve his or her pain. A cartoon by illustrator Will Ferrell shows a massage therapist twisting a boneless leg of cringing man lying on an exercise table. Some go a step further by portraying the physical therapist as a sort of dominatrix tormenting her patient with unrealistic exercises.

When it comes to physiotherapy cartoons and comics picking on the practice, cartoonists find therapists hourly rates to be a humorous topic. A comic found on the Internet illustrates a man reaching into his coat pocket with the physical therapist standing behind rubbing the patients shoulders. The caption states, “There – you can reach for your wallet without any trouble at all”.

Whether for informational purposes or humor, cartoonists continue to rely on the growing trends in physiotherapy – aromatherapy, herbal, and reflexology – to fuel their creativity. To find out more search online for physiotherapy cartoons.