An injured upper back or thoracic back caused by stress, overwork, trauma, irritated muscles, lack of back strength, and poor posture can cause you from mild to severe pain and effect the way you live your life. Some people try to ignore their back pain and continue doing the things they normally do until it becomes too unbearable. Others choose the complete opposite by doing very little except resting, hoping for upper back pain relief that will make the pain magically disappear. Although resting and taking it easy may initially bring relief, over an extended period this can cause more problems such as muscles that become stiff or lose some of their strength. Doing regular upper back pain exercises is an excellent way to relieve pain, build up your back muscles, and help prevent reoccurrences. Before you start any type of upper back pain exercises, talk to your doctor.

Factory workers, computer operators, and jobs that are repetitious, requiring a person to look up, down, sideways, or repeat the same movements continuously, can cause upper back pain that bothers them for years before they seek help. Doing regular upper back pain exercises to relieve neck and back problems can counteract years of damaging bad posture. An upright, aligned spine in the optimal position acts like a giant shock absorber. Bad posture puts pressure and strain on the back and neck muscles, which then causes the upper back pain. Exercises done on a regular basis improve your postural muscles strength, helping prevent spasms and pain.

Stretching types of upper back pain exercises, such as the thoracic stretch, helps reduce your back pain by stretching the muscles, ligaments, tendons and increases motion. You do the thoracic stretch by sitting on the floor or a mat and putting your legs straight out. Put your hands on your legs and slide them down to mid thigh. Keeping your hands there, curl your head towards your belly button and hold this position while you count to fifteen. Repeat this exercise three times. Another of many effective upper back pain exercises that also works well as a warm up stretching exercise is a kneeling exercise sometimes referred to as ‘child’s pose’. Bend your chest towards the floor while kneeling, until your head rests on the floor. Gravity does the work while you are in a very relaxed position.

Doing upper back pain exercises to help relieve your upper back posture problems only work if you do the exercises on a regular basis and select ones that are specific to your problem.