Massage therapy intake forms serve an essential function for both the therapist and the client. Massage therapy intake forms communicate vital information that serves as the basis for treatment.

Why Therapists Need Massage Therapy Intake Forms

Intake forms for massage therapy are the first part of your client file; these are used to give the therapist information that will allow him or her to treat you in a safe and effective way.

Massage therapy is not performed equally for all patients. Many things can impact the amount/frequency of treatment you will receive, as well as the intensity and length of each session. What might be right for you could cause harm to a person with a specific condition. The questions on the massage therapy intake form are designed to educate the therapist as to your

• Medical history
• Current medical conditions
• Activity level
• Objective for treatment
• Personal philosophy of massage therapy (for example, do you view massage as a viable physical treatment or simply as a calm, relaxing, luxury?)

The intake form for massage therapy will also detail the basic necessities such as contact information and privacy disclosure.

The answers you provide to each of the questions on the form will tell the massage therapist what target areas need the most work, what type of massage will be most beneficial and most comfortable for you, and if there are methods, products, or stimulations that are contraindicated for you due to condition or allergy and so on.

The goal of the massage therapy intake form is to provide as individual a massage therapy experience as possible for the best possible outcome.

What Questions Can I Expect?

Your massage therapy intake form should not be overly invasive, but some essentials are necessary. The typical massage intake form will include questions which ask about

• Your contact information and address
• Stress levels
• Tension
• Headaches
• Health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, epilepsy, cardiac and circulatory problems
• Recent procedures or conditions including surgery, pregnancy, broken bones, tissue damage, back problems
• Issues with pain including back pain, areas of sensitivity, pressures, numbness, or stabbing pains

In addition, you will be given the opportunity on the massage therapy intake form to tell the therapist what your specific area(s) of concern is (are) and what you hope to achieve with massage therapy.

Your massage therapist will only need you to fill out a massage therapy intake form prior to your first visit, and periodically after ongoing treatment. The information you provide will allow your therapist to tailor a massage protocol specifically for you so that you will be able to reach whatever goals you have for your personal massage therapy experience.