Right side back pain is actually quite common, and probably one of the reasons is most people tend to be right sided and overcompensate with the right side for strength moves, writing, lifting and so on. There’s no scientific proof this is true, but even poor sitting posture often involves leaning to the right and straining the right side lower back muscles.

Of course, there can be many reasons for right side back pain, just like there are for any other kind of back pain. Poor posture is often a culprit, but other reasons include the following.

* Injury
* Skeletal imbalances
* Muscle strains
* Obesity
* Disease

Lower back pain can actually not be related to the back at all. Kidney problems, for example, can cause lower back pain on one side. You have to take into consideration all of your symptoms in order to determine if you should see a doctor. Unremitting pain is a clue you need physician assistance.

When the back pain is due to muscle weakness, you can reduce or eliminate right side back pain with exercise. Doing lower back exercises can strengthen the muscles that support the spine and the body. Exercise can develop back muscles that are able to properly lift loads and assist with the support of the torso. Exercise is a solution to back pain that is often overlooked at home, because pain makes you want to not move. Yet keeping the back muscles supple and pliant can go a long way towards preventing or improving a back injury.

Often, right side back pain is due to improper lifting. You should never bend at the waist and curve your spine while legs are kept straight and stiff. That is one of the most frequent causes of back injury. Your body is composed of bone, muscle and tissues that provide cushioning and flexibility. Yet all too often, we try to move while keeping our physical structure stiff. The result is injury, sprains, pulls and tears.

In order to avoid the most common right side back pain, always lift by following safety tips.

* Keep feet should width apart
* Slightly bend the knees
* Squat down and pick up item
* Bring item close to body
* Raise from full squat

You should not bend at the waist and lift an item from the floor. You stand a good chance of injuring your back when you keep your legs stiff and your back out of alignment.

If you injure your back and the pain persists, you should consult a doctor. Some right side back pain can indicate a more severe problem then a muscle sprain. If you can’t sleep at night or the pain is severe, you might have a spinal problem that needs attention.