Elasto Gel SMALL/MEDIUM Ice & Hot Wrap for Pain in Lower Back

Many of us have pain in the lower back. The Elasto-Gel Lumbar Wrap was designed for 20 to 40 minutes of dry hot or gentle cold therapy for sharp back pain or everyday aches. The flexible hook-and-loop closures let you move freely while wearing the wrap, specially...

Dr. Levine Back Support, L/XL

The Dr. Levine back support is designed to help correct posture by bring the shoulders back and aligning the neck and spine. 12 magnets help to relieve pain.

Bauerfeind LordoLoc Back Support (2)

LordoLoc is suitable for use as a back support for the light stabilization of the lumbar spine, for example in the event of chronic lumbar vertebral syndrome. The stabilizing support with integral anatomically contoured flexible stays has a muscle-activating effect,...

McDavid Universal Back Support

McDavidâ„¢’s Universal Back Support gives basic support, protection, and pain relief for all athletic activities. The thermal neoprene support provides therapeutic heat retention, and the elastic side pulls allow for a snug fit.

Sacro Wedgy – FEMALE Version * COMPLETE SYSTEM: Includes Sacro

For 15 years Sacro Wedgy® has been helping thousands get relief from a variety of lower back problems. When any one muscle gets too tight, it may start tourquing in the spinal column, and in turn put pressure on nerves creating pain. Sciatica, back pain, hip pain,...