The Body Back Buddy Jr. Trigger Point Travel Massager and Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Massager Mini bundled together at a discounted price.

Customer requests inspired us to design the Back Buddy Junior for smaller framed persons and those on the go. Compact and lightweight, the Back Buddy Junior offers seven therapy knobs that allow you to reach and comfortably treat every major muscle group and target painful trigger points. Overall length is 23. Comes with a free 12-page instruction booklet.

The Body Back Mini Trigger Point Travel Massager is the smallest version of our popular Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Massager. You can fit this massager in your purse, small travel bag or desk. Easily release the exact point where you feel pain, stress or strain anywhere and anytime. By varying the amount of pressure applied and the angle at which it is directed, YOU can release tight, spastic, knotted muscles.