Since the Neck Support is so Important,
Sacro Wedgy found it Necessary to Design a “Cervical Roll”
that complimented the Sacro Wedgy® Back Aid Tool.(sold separately in my other listing.)

For 15 years the Sacro Wedgy® System (Tool plus Cervical Pillow)has been helping thousands get relief
from a variety of lower back problems.

When any one muscle gets too tight,
it may start tourquing in the spinal column
and in turn put pressure on nerves
and create pain.

Sciatica, back pain, hip pain, knee pain, piriformis syndrome, heel pain, shoulder pain, bad posture
are just some of the symptoms
associated with a muscle imbalance.

The Sacro Wedgy Cervical Roll
by Slightly Elevating
Both Ends of the Spine.

Please see my other listing for the Sacro Wedgy Tool.

Cervical Roll Pillow by Sacro Wedgy, Compliments Sacro Wedgy Backaid Sacro Stabilizer for Back Pain