Has sitting backache or tailbone (coccyx) pain ever ruined your day at the office, evening at home or trip to that vacation spot? Why not get rid of that discomfort with the revolutionary RelaxoBak Dual-Density Cushion.

The patented RelaxoBak Dual Density Cushion contains two layers of supportive foam in two different densities. Now you can choose whether you want softer support or firmer support and it all comes in a luxurious velour cover. The convenient carry strap makes for easy portability so you can take your comfort anywhere.

This orthopedic cushion has been clinically proven to relieve pressure and discomfort from back and hips by utilizing the patented RelaxoBak effect of taking pressure off the base of the spine (coccyx/tailbone).

If you want to sit comfortably again and end the agony of your sitting discomfort forever, you owe it to yourself to get a RelaxoBak Dual-Density Cushion today!

Why it’s Better than the Imitators:

* Two Layers (Soft/Firm) of foam allows user the choice of softer or firmer support.
* Machine washable velour cover included.
* Rounded shape fits all seating applications.
* Carry Handle will not contact tender tailbone area.
* Easy portability.
* Featured on Home Shopping Channels.
* Prescribed by Doctors.
* Low Price.