The NEW LGMedSupply Back Pain Relief System
is a REVOLUTIONARY way to treat lower back pain!

The LGMedSupply Back Pain Relief System is simple to use and extremely economical . The interior of the back brace is made of velcro. It helps your back pain in three ways. First, it provides you with the ability to achieve the compression or “tightness” that you desire. It has a pocket for a hot/cold pack. Last but not least, it works with all of our electrotherapy units. The LGMedSupply Back Pain Relief System comes in several size options.

The LGMedSupply Back Pain Relief Brace has VELCRO ELECTRODE PADS. One of the things that is unique with the LG Back Pain Relief Belt is that you can place the electrodes anywhere you would like on the velcro. This means that you can treat the precise area of the lower back that is in pain. We also provide you with a pack of re-usable electrode pads so that you may treat other areas of the body.

The LGMedSupply Back Pain Relief System comes with our NUMBER ONE SELLING LG-TEC ELITE TENS and Muscle Stimulator Combo Unit. The LG-TEC ELITE is very powerful in terms of intensity (100mA). You can also adjust the pulse width and pulse rate on the LG-TEC ELITE Unit to achieve the comfort and pain relief that you desire. You can use the LG-TEC ELITE Unit with the Back Brace or without the back brace on any area of the body that you desire.

The nice thing about this system is that the unit comes with both Batteries and an AC Adapter. You may use at home by simply plugging the unit into the wall or take on the road by using the batteries (included).

More about the LG-TEC ELITE Dual Combo with AC Adapter: