Light Relief® provides topical heating for the purpose of relieving minor muscle pain, joint pain, and stiffness. It warms the affected area its applied to by applying heat using infrared energy.
Components of Light Relief®:

Base unit that contains the main circuitry, a graphic display, button controls, and batteries.
The Light PadTM hand-held unit which contains an array of 59 colored and infrared light emitting diodes
The Light PadTM hand-held unit contains a heat button, which can be turned on and off, as desired. It laso has four frequency settings (START, LOW, MED and HIGH) which can be changed by pressing the blue button on top of the unit.

Directions For Use Use Light Relief® by holding it in your hand and securing the unit by placing your fingers under the elastic strap on top of the unit. Then place the unit over the area to be treated.

Applies heat for personal comfort and relief of minor muscular pains, joint pain and stiffness
Helps relax muscles
Help to provide improved range and freedom of motion
Provides a temporary increase in blood circulation