Stretch Mate Orthopedic Back Stretcher

Chronic pain and soreness in your back? Stretching is the best solution to backache. Back pain is often caused by poor posture. Hunching forward to perform everyday tasks forces the spine into an abnormal position. Over time, the muscles that support the spine will wear and tear, leaving a stiff and aching spine.

Stretching removes pain and restores function, removing the stiffness which led to the discomfort. stretching also corrects posture, ensuring that all other joints are in their optimum working positions.

The Stretch mate is ergonomically designed to assist you in stretching your back. just lie down, relax and let the Stretch Mate help you maintain a healthy back.

Reduce and eliminate back pain. maintain your health the simple way- the natural treatment for backache.

Conforms to the spine’s natural curves
Realigns and supports the vertabrae
Eases muscular fatigue and tension
Enhances flexibility and improves posture