Trademarked “Just Relax Tension Reliever” neck support helps release neck and shoulder tension in just 10 to 15 minutes a day. Unique, cervical shaped support perfectly cradles your neck at the base of your skull to help release muscle tension in the neck, shoulders and jaw–while relieving tightness and soreness. Small and lightweight, you can take it anywhere. Order today! The most advanced cervical neck support is perfect for meditation, yoga and massage therapy. Just Relax Tension Reliever neck rest provides gentle traction (the same technique used by therapists and chiropractors) that allows the muscles in your neck, shoulders and jaw to relax, releasing built-up tension and tightness. It takes the weight of your head off the shoulders and neck, allowing for full, deep, total relaxation. You’ll feel as if your head is being supported by the hands of a skilled massage therapist! It’s safe and easy to use and can be adjusted for your personal comfort level. Use it virtually anywhere. . So do yourself a favor. Relieve neck tension and fatigue in just minutes a day.

Theraputic Neck Support (Trademarked “Just Relax Tension Reliever”)