49227 Size: Small / Medium Features: -Back support. -Available in Small/Medium or Large/Extra Large sizes:. -Made with aerated elastic material ensuring all day comfort. -Provides maximum back and abdominal support. -Overlapping upper and lower straps, as well as two side straps for a customized fit. -Four rigid lumbar stabilizers offer additional lumbar support to help prevent injury and back strain caused by heavy lifting with improper form. -Designed and manufactured for the most demanding athletes and for everyday use. -Small / Medium: 8.3” H x 38.5” W x 0.5” D – Waist circumference up to 37”. -Large / Extra Large: 8.3” H x 43” W x 0.5” D – Waist circumference 37” and over.

Tri-Adjustable Back Support with Stabilizers Size: Small / Medium