Self therapy for hip and lower back pain Eliminate troublesome and debilitating hip and lower back pain on your own with the simple and proven TP Therapy tools. The TP Hip Dysfunction Kit is an at home remedy and self therapy for Piriformis Syndrome, Lower Back Pain, IT Band Syndrome, Hip Flexor, Sciatica, and other types of quad, hip and lower back pain. The above video gives more information about the Performance Therapy for Hip Dysfunction Kit. Treat the problem, not the symptom Trigger Point Technologies empowers you to treat the true cause of Piriformis Syndrome, Lower Back Pain, IT Band Syndrome, Hip Flexor, Sciatica, and more. The root cause is tightness in the quads, gluteus and lower back specifically in the Rectus Femoris, Vastus Lateralis, Psoas Major and Piriformis muscles. When these muscles become dysfunctional, they limit proper mobility of the upper leg, hip and lower back and pull from their insertion points. When the soleus and the calves tighten, reducing dorsiflexion of the foot it forces your quads take the absorption of each step when you run or walk. As your quads become overworked and tight, your TFL and psoas also become tight and short. Your psoas connects in your groin and up into the middle of your back or the T12 area. When tight, it compresses the lower back (L4 and L5 region). This causes your pelvis to tilt. This results in IT band problems, lower-back pain and an entire cycle that is hard to break. For athletes, one widely heard complaint is, “I’m having trouble with my IT bands.” This is the iliotibial tract that runs down the side of your leg. It starts around the hip area and ends at the side of your knee. Although the term “IT band” refers to a specific tendon, it is important to understand that your entire hip, quads and gluteus can influence what your IT band does. Furthermore, biomechanical problems such as pelvic tilt and foot pronation can lead to IT band problems.