Deciding on a college major is easy for some, while others have to struggle for a bit to decide where they belong. You really couldn’t choose any better than a sports physical therapy major. Depending on the school you attend and the nature of their program, you will leave your college years behind with either a masters or doctorate degree. Neither one is too shabby. A quick peek online and you will learn just how lucrative this type of a career is and the kinds of people you will be able to help with your education. Many people are afraid of attempting this degree due to the coursework you will be responsible for. Don’t let the names scare you; it will all make sense over time. Here is a brief look at the kinds of classes you can expect to take with a sports physical therapy major.

As difficult as the class names may sound, with your interest in the human body and how it works you won’t have any trouble catching on. One of the most exciting classes you can look forward to with your sports physical therapy major is Manual Muscle Testing. This is where you will experience how to evaluate muscle strength and flexibility in order to design the right exercise program for each of your patients in the future. This class typically includes lectures, lab work, and demonstration opportunities. You may not think about psychiatry when you think about working towards your sports physical therapy major, but Clinical Psychiatry is definitely on your list of required curriculum. This class will help you better identify and classify the common abnormal behaviors you will find in a clinical setting. If you think about it, it makes sense. A large number of the patients you will see are in a great deal of pain and may have been suffering for some time. It’s only natural that it may impact their behaviors.

Those two are only a small part of the exciting and interesting classes you will have the chance to enjoy with a sports physical therapy major. A few others include electrotherapy, clinical orthopedics, and therapeutic procedures. Of course therapeutic exercise is a huge part of the coursework along with human life sequences. While it may be challenging, you certainly aren’t going to be bored.

Choosing a sports physical therapy major opens a new door on the world of practicing medicine. With your license and degree in hand, you stand poised to help all kinds of people regain their freedom from pain and get back to life as they know it. There isn’t a better gift you could give anyone.

Choosing to persue a sports physical therapy major gives you education necessary to embark on a meaningful and rewarding career. The coursework involved will keep you engaged and interested from the first semester to the last.