Under the umbrella of physical therapy are various specializations and focuses that enable the therapist to achieve a greater understanding and quality of care for the patient. Such physical therapy programs include areas as orthopedics, geriatric, and cardio-pulmonary. In order to become specialized in these fields, the physical therapist is required to complete additional training and show an expertise in their chosen field.

Manual manipulation is a common treatment for physical therapists. For those that specialize in this physical therapy program called Orthopedics, they have a further understanding and training in techniques. The musculoskeletal system is the primary focus for the Orthopedist. The musculoskeletal system involves ligaments and muscles, and areas directly affected by them such as joints. They also treat patients who have just undergone orthopedic surgery to fully rehabilitate the area to regain use and reduce pain. Orthopedics is also beneficial to those patients suffering from arthritis. Therapists are able to manipulate the joint and surrounding area to restore and improve movement. Orthopedists are able to identify and assess the condition of the patient and have a deeper understanding of any diseases or conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system.

Another physical therapy program is the care and specialization centering on the needs of the geriatric patients. Older patients require extra care as their bodies go through normal aging. Conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis benefit greatly from the specialized care of this physical therapy program. The therapist also works with those suffering from Alzheimer’s, cancer, and of course those with hip and joint problems. The therapist is able to assist the patient in increasing muscle strength and educating the patient in the proper way to exercise and maintain excellent health.

Cardio pulmonary is yet another physical therapy program and is used to increase the stamina and endurance of those patients that have undergone surgery centering on the cardiovascular system. A variety of techniques are employed to increase the patients well-being and their ability to perform normal functions. The therapist may also educate the patient on proper heart health or dietary information as they see fit. The goal of this specialized field is to increase the capabilities of the patient and improve their overall health in order to ensure the continued success of the therapy. Those that benefit from this physical therapy program include patients suffering from cystic fibrosis, those susceptible to heart attacks, and post-coronary bypass surgery patients.

There are plenty of other physical therapy programs that can become specialized fields for the patient. Each program focuses on the different conditions that patients may suffer from. It is important for the therapist to have a deep understanding of the ailments in order to deliver the best care possible.