Physical therapy is an effective way of restoring the mobility and speeding up the rehabilitation of the patient. Often times, the patient will be directed to use the services of the therapist by a doctor or other primary care physician. The equipment used by the therapists is specialized according to the condition of the patient. While in home equipment is beneficial for the ongoing care of the patient, such equipment can be expensive. Used physical therapy equipment can be easier on the budget but there may be other problems with buying second hand.

Finding used physical therapy equipment can be done through the therapist or visiting stores that feature rehabilitation products. Certain sport stores and sections of all purpose department stores may carry equipment such as knee braces and exercise tools. While the latter will not sell used equipment, one may be lucky in finding such equipment in sport stores and specialized stores. The price difference between new and used physical therapy equipment can either be small or large depending on the condition and use. Online stores can also be helpful in locating used equipment and provide a larger selection and better prices. Buying anything online comes with a certain amount of buyer awareness that must be adhered to, especially when purchasing a device that aids in health.

When purchasing used physical therapy equipment, make sure that the device is in working condition and is still fit to assist needs. Items like exercise mats are usually safe to buy second hand, but items like wheelchairs should be looked over carefully to make certain that all functions are working properly such as the brakes and that the wheels are in good to near perfect condition. While some sell their physical therapy equipment when they are no longer needed, others may sell because their equipment is worn and beyond a state where it will be effective. When buying face to face from the previous owner, ask plenty of questions and go over the device several times before purchasing. Buying online or from a third party reduces the assurance that the used physical therapy equipment will still work properly and help in the way that it is designed to.

Consult with the physical therapists before buying any used physical therapy equipment. While the benefit of being cheaper is appealing, nothing is more important than your own health. Use caution when buying second hand and understand that sometimes it will be necessary to buy new equipment depending upon the device and the use of such a device. Using the internet and shopping around in person are just some of the ways to find used physical therapy equipment.