If you are a new chiropractor just starting out, you are very much aware of how important your supplies are going to be to your career. Especially the large chiropractic supplies like exam and treatment tables and traction devices aren’t going to come cheaply. You are prepared for that. However there is a lot more involved than just tables and rehab equipment. Having a well stocked office will inspire confidence from your clients and set you up for success in your office’s future. Here are a few ideas for new, helpful tools and chiropractic supplies for your continued success and ease of treating patients.

No doubt you already have a table for performing manipulations and adjustments. But a new version is now available to make decompression and traction adjustments on patients faster and more easily. Its marketing name is the 3D ActiveTrac made by the Sanders Group. While it can be used for traditional adjustments, it is also effective for other uses as well. The lower half of the table can be modified so the patient can be positioned in differing degrees of extension. The table also has side bending and rotation capabilities and allows for faster treatment of severely injured patients because it can adjust to their needs easier than traditional tables. Many patients and chiropractors that have tried it out believe it should be on every list of chiropractic supplies.

While your table is certainly an important part of your practice, there are other smaller appliances to have in stock as well. It is becoming more and more popular to augment what you do in the office with things like back braces to help the patient enjoy the benefits of the spinal manipulation longer and with greater benefits. Some chiropractors like to keep posture cushions and back support products in with their chiropractic supplies.

Since chiropractic care is strong in the holistic medical approach, it is also advisable to have specific types of exercise equipment in your chiropractic supplies. Exercise balls and resistance bands are particularly effective in encouraging patients to keep up with their treatment plans and promote better healing from injury. Both forms of exercise equipment enhance balance, flexibility, and strength.

Your list of chiropractic supplies is likely to be as unique as your approach to holistic healing. It’s a good idea to take advantage of the new helpful appliances and equipment currently being offered. It will help to keep your practice fresh and you ready to deal with whichever type of injury or disease that comes your way.

Your chiropractic supplies are an important part of how you apply your education for the benefit of your patients. Be open to new products and ideas concerning how to reduce pain, improve mobility, and give your patients their health back.