Besides, of course, sudden, violent trauma to the neck, injury can alternatively be caused by prolonged minor abuses, such as incorrect posture or neglecting to stretch before heavy physical activity, or even something as seemingly harmless as an uncomfortable chair or mattress. An injury along the neck can result in not only pain, discomfort and limited mobility of the neck, but seemingly unrelated issues thanks to poor communication through the nervous system and limited blood flow. These issues may include troubles with vision or hearing, headaches and limited mobility of the rest of the body.

Chiropractic care might seem the obvious choice for anyone suffering from neck pain, however, the practice is still considered an alternative form of care by many professionals in the medical and insurance industries. A chronic neck pain sufferer will probably be recommended prescription drugs, physical therapy or even surgery, long before anyone brings up the possibility of safe, cost-effective chiropractic care as a solution. It is advised to mention the possibility of meeting with a chiropractor when discussing the problem with your physician. Of course, many family doctors are as distrusting of chiropractic care as anyone and someone seeking a capable solution for their neck pain may be stuck having to find a competent chiropractor all on their own as the alternative may be more expensive, painful, time consuming and less effective.

Contrary to popular belief, chiropractic care of the neck does not involve any dangerous twisting, jerking or yanking on the head and further injury is not a common result of chiropractic neck care. Chiropractic patients are thoroughly diagnosed by the doctor to determine exactly what area of the neck needs adjustment, there is no element of the random or any kind of trial and error involved in this treatment, chiropractic care is as professional and exact as any alternative method of treatment may prove. If delivered by a trained professional, chiropractic care is not going to cause further injury or paralysis or anything of the sort.

There is a common myth that chiropractic care of the neck is painful. On occasion, some slight discomfort may be experienced, but this is usually caused by the injury itself and the swelling and soreness that indicate that it is improving. Chiropractors will recommend daily exercises and stretching routines to help alleviate this strain. The need to adhere strictly to the chiropractor’s recommended exercise routine can’t be stressed enough, alternatively, you can neglect these exercises, relying solely on the adjustment, and seeing minimal, rather than full recovery from a neck injury.