Every group of people should have an organization that is in place for their needs and support. In the case of American chiropractors, the group for them is definitely the American Chiropractic Association. This group is in existence to provide much needed resources for all of its members as Doctors of Chiropractic in terms of the latest research information, lobbying on chiropractors behalves, and getting the work out about business and education opportunities. The American Chiropractic Association is the largest of its kind in the world with around 18,000 members and growing. This organization is dedicated to helping chiropractic doctors with securing research funds for their projects and is the leading standard of patient care and medical ethics for this field. Here are a few ways you can get involved with this well respected organization.

The first thing to understand about the American Chiropractic Association is its mission statement. As quoted from the organization’s website the mission statement is as follows, “The ACA is a professional organization representing Doctors of Chiropractic. Its mission is to preserve, protect, improve, and promote the chiropractic profession and the services of Doctors of Chiropractic for the benefits of the patients they serve. The purpose of the ACA is to provide leadership in health care and a positive vision for the chiropractic profession and its natural approach to health and wellness. On behalf of the chiropractic profession, we accomplish our mission and purpose by affecting public policy and legislation, by promoting high standards in professional ethics and quality of treatment and by carrying out a dynamic strategic plan to ensure the professional growth and success of Doctors of Chiropractic.” In a nutshell, that is what you can expect the American Chiropractic Association to do for you and your career.

There are a variety of ways to learn more about the American Chiropractic Association and its dedication to Doctors of Chiropractic. The organization’s website is incredibly with information like the mission statement above, ways to contact organization leaders, and the many services included in membership. You can also see the latest projects the group has been working on in its newsletter both through email or received in the regular mail. Learning more and joining forces with this positive group can’t do anything but help with your practice and allow you to be a part of a community of like minded people. The website will give you information about the application process as well. Every group of professionals needs a place where they can bounce ideas off of each other and feel like a part of a community and the ACA gives chiropractic doctors that place.

The American Chiropractic Association has long been a supporter of this holistic approach to medicine and provides countless resources to its members. Becoming involved with this 18,000 strong membership ensures your place in the chiropractic community and gives you a stable forum to learn more about your profession.