As with any medical profession, the primary goal of chiropractic care is simply the preservation of life and the promotion of good health.

More specifically, the goal of chiropractic care is to correct irregularities in the musculoskeletal system (mostly focusing on the spinal columns and joints) with manually applied pressure into the targeted areas. A list of everything that chiropractic care can address could fill several medical textbooks, so below you will find listed just a few of the goals of chiropractic care.

Addressing traumatic bodily injury-

Chiropractic care might involve the treatment or rehabilitation of an injured musculoskeletal system. Perhaps this goes without saying, but one of the chiropractor’s main jobs is to ensure proper blood flow and nervous system communication to injured areas of the musculoskeletal system. This usually involves correcting spinal maladjustments that result from either sudden impact or prolonged abuse.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle-

While most people might only seek chiropractic care in the event of serious injury, the fact is that a chiropractor can provide invaluable help in simply keeping the body in check and relieving pressure and stress resulting from regular daily activity. Something as simple as sitting at your desk in an awkward position can do more harm than you might think and sometimes, something as seemingly harmless as poor posture can cause a lot of aches and pains later on in a person’s life. A chiropractor can help to ensure that such daily stress doesn’t result in any serious musculoskeletal abnormalities and keep a person mobile by ensuring that the spine and nervous system stay in check. So while the chiropractor’s goals may include rehabilitating an injured knee or back, that isn’t where they end. Helping to maintain the current status of an already-healthy body is also a goal of the chiropractic care professional.

Improved mobility-

Either through injury or daily stress, the neck, back and joints can lose mobility and slow a person down in their regular, daily routine and hinder performance in athletes. Through regular consultations with a chiropractor, it should be easy to stop immobility in its tracks and prevent such problems as cramping and slowed reflexes from developing.

Improving the senses-

In that the nervous system is heavily dependent on proper spinal alignment, it should come as no surprise that loss of hearing and eyesight can be prevented or reversed with chiropractic care.

The above are just a few of the possible goals of the patient seeking chiropractic care. One could also list the potential for a healthier pregnancy, increased fertility, improved mental acuity or muscle growth, the list of potential benefits to the chiropractic patient goes on and on.