There is no doubt you have noticed the prominent pillow displays inside your chiropractor’s office. When you consider that chiropractic medicine is about treating the whole body, including paying attention to the quality of a patient’s sleep, offering pillows for therapeutic purposed makes perfect sense. Some of the styles of pillows looks rather interesting, so to clear things up we will review some of the chiropractic pillows and what problems they are intended to help out with. Just like mattresses have bearing on the quality of sleep a person gets, your pillow could also have a lot to do with how well you rest at night. As a holistic care provider, your chiropractor wants to give you every option of chiropractic pillows to enhance healing. After all, the body can’t heal or operate at its full ability if it isn’t properly rested.

One of the most common types of chiropractic pillows found in offices is the cervical pillow. It’s very likely you have at least seen this pillow. The center of the pillow is depressed while the sides are raised and look like a normal pillow. This pillow is used for treating neck problems, severe headaches, and migraines. Some patients complain of discomfort using this pillow and it may be a process of trial and error to find the right one, or it may be suggested that you try one of the other types of therapeutic pillows.

While not necessarily the most popular form of chiropractic pillows, the feather pillow is suggested in some cases. The benefit is that this pillow will adapt to the shape of the patient’s head and neck easier. What’s funny is that the very thing that makes feather pillows useful also creates a problem. Feather pillows don’t offer a whole lot in the way of neck and shoulder support. Like the cervical pillows, you will have to try out several to discover what works for you.

Another one of the popular types of chiropractic pillows is the water pillow. Depending on the model, these pillows are either filled entirely with water or have a deep compartment under the traditional down for water. Since the patient decides on the amount of water to add to the pillow, support can be adjusted for each individual patient. They conform perfectly to the contour of the head and neck and provide the right amount of support.

Regardless of which of the chiropractic pillows you and your chiropractor decide on, you should begin to feel more rested and feel less pain. Headaches and migraines are also likely to decrease. If the first model you try out doesn’t get the job done, don’t worry and move on to next option.

Chiropractic pillows can be a huge part of your treatment plan. From water pillows to cervical pillows, your chiropractor is sure to able to suggest the right product for you and your needs.