Good massage therapy relies on the use of a number of massage therapy supplies. New massage therapists will need to invest in a good stock of basic massage therapy supplies to get their practice started.

Massage therapists may be self-employed or find employment as part of a larger massage therapy business; additionally, a masseuse may be employed as part of a larger establishment such as a gym, fitness center, or sports team or facility. In some of these arrangements the new massage therapist’s supplies will be provided by the business they are working for, but in many instances massage therapy supplies are the responsibility of the masseuse. Even in situations where supplies are provided by the parent organization, many therapists choose to purchase their own stock of supplies to be able to operate on their own outside the facility.

By and large, most massage therapists find a need for a base of supplies and massage therapy equipment; though basic massage therapy supplies and equipment are enough to get a new therapy business started, there are several essential supplies any new massage therapist will need.

• Massage therapy table
A massage table is the most basic and most important piece of equipment. There are many options for new massage therapists, but often the most versatile choice is a portable table that can be folded and carried from office to office or client home. The benefit of a portable table (besides being able to make ‘house calls’) is that the table can easily be moved to a new office if the therapist decides to move on—as is often the case in the beginning.

• Oils
Massage oils serve a number of different purposes in massage therapy; some are used mainly for aromatherapy to relax and rejuvenate the client; others are used to treat certain conditions or relieve muscle tensions, and still others are used to reduce friction and enhance the experience. A basic set of massage therapy oils often includes almond oil, grapeseed oil, apricot oil, avocado, jojoba, wheat germ, hazelnut, and holy oil. Other creams and lotions may be preferable depending on the service offering and type of massage.

• Carrying/Display Case
Of course, a therapist will need a way to transport those oils if they are offering traveling services; a sturdy case that allows for secure transport is needed. If therapy services are offered only in an office, a display case is needed for access and for sales of oils offered to clients.

• Towels and Sheets
Comfortable towels and sheets are necessary for client privacy and hygiene. An investment into a good stock is one of the most essential massage therapy supplies.

The hands being the most important tool for a new massage therapist, only relatively few massage therapy supplies are needed to get a new business rolling. The massage therapy supplies suggested here provide a fairly comprehensive base that can be built upon as the business grows.