Massage therapy liability insurance is critical for the protection of massage therapists and their businesses; in the majority of states in the U.S., liability insurance for massage therapists is required in order for a therapist to legally practice.

The regulations that cover massage therapy liability insurance vary from state to state; and since massage therapists comprise a relatively small portion of the working population, finding good insurance coverage at good prices locally can be very difficult. Local insurance agents do not usually have the experience and expertise to know what types and limits of coverage are needed, and their access to insurance for massage therapy liability is very limited in many cases; limited availability translates into increased price and decreased value.

To meet the variety of liability insurance needs of massage therapists, professional associations and organizations offer insurance coverage. In the vast majority of cases, a professional massage therapy organization or association is the best place for a massage therapist to buy massage therapy liability insurance.

Therapists who buy liability insurance through professional organizations benefit from

• Knowledge and expertise—professionals who know what types of coverage are needed to not only meet state liability insurance requirements, but also provide adequate additional insurance for the protection of the therapist, his or her business, and his or her property
• Large group buying power—with insurance, the larger the group, the lower the liability insurance rate; professional organizations are able to combine members into one group and negotiate the best rates available to massage therapists for massage therapy liability insurance.
• Ease and convenience—it is much easier to purchase an established, detailed insurance policy through a group than to spend hours educating local agents as to your professional liability needs and regulatory requirements. Buying massage therapy liability insurance through a member organization is a fast and simple application process. In some cases, liability insurance is included in membership packages.
• Exceptional coverage—the insurance requirements of states are not always realistic in the event of a claim against a massage therapy business. Insurance offered through professional organizations is usually better than average and will provide very good protection.

Therapists should be aware, however, that they need more than the required malpractice insurance for the best protection of themselves, their property, and their business. Professional liability will protect in the event that treatment results in a lawsuit; general liability may also be necessary, and will afford protection in case a client is injured on the therapist’s property. In addition, it may be prudent to purchase product liability to cover product injuries and reactions for both product used and sold by the therapist. Renter’s insurance and personal/advertising injury insurance may also be beneficial.

The cost of massage therapy liability insurance is relatively low (starting normally under $200). The protection, however, is well-worth the price if a client should claim injury or negligence, and so massage therapy liability insurance quickly proves its worth in the event of an unfortunate circumstance.