If there is one absolutely essential piece of massage equipment, it is the massage therapy table; massage therapists have many options when choosing massage therapy tables, and the right choice will depend on a number of factors regarding the individual massage therapist’s type of business.

The first decision you need to make when buying massage therapy tables is whether to purchase a portable or stationary massage table. Obviously, the biggest deciding factor is whether you intend to provide mobile massage therapy services—if so, a portable table is a must, because you cannot rely on the client having an appropriate in-home or in-office surface to deliver effective massage therapy. Portable massage therapy tables may also be a good choice because

• They are less expensive
• They can be moved easily if you move your practice
• They can be moved easily for cleaning and office rearrangements
• They can be used for a dual-practice (in case you want to offer both in-office and mobile massage therapy services)

Stationary massage therapy tables are excellent choices for therapists who are sure to be practicing only in-office; these are more expensive choices that are less versatile, but the added stability and quality, and the added flexibility of options and accessories, is often well-worth the expense.

The Basics Of Buying Massage Therapy Tables

Regardless of whether a table is portable or stationary, you will want to test a number of factors that will help you make a quality choice. Things you will need to consider are

• Table strength and weight rating
• Table stability
• Firmness and density of foam/coverings
• Surface durability (of vinyl covering)
• Ability to be easily cleaned and disinfected
• Durability of components when exposed to oils, lotions, cleaners, etc
• Availability of accessories and add-ons

In addition, you’ll want to pay attention to practical factors such as versatility given your uses and the types of massage you will deliver, and affordability; if you are starting out, you may start with a basic table that can be added onto, and upgrade the table and/or accessories over time.

As your practice progresses, you might consider accessories that will enhance your delivery and your clients’ experiences, such as

• Adjustable rests for the face, arms, and feet
• Face holes
• Pregnancy accommodations
• Bolsters
• Carrying case
• Optional upholsteries
• Cushions
• Warmers
• Headrests

Warranties for massage therapy tables also factor into the equation—it is worth paying a little more for a table you know you will not have to replace with proper use.

It is definitely worthwhile to consider several different massage therapy tables and weigh the pros and cons of each; this way, you will be assured that you have purchased a full-function table that will easily meet your massage therapy practice needs, and that you have purchased the table that is the right value for you.