The face of massage therapy is changing in both the medical and public eye; with the change has come a great increase in demand for qualified massage therapists, which in turn has translated into a range of available massage therapy jobs for massage professionals.

Where Are All The Massage Therapy Jobs?

Traditionally, massage therapy jobs have been available primarily through elite spas and vacation resort communities; but as massage therapy has increasingly been given its due as an effective primary and supplementary physical therapy and medical treatment, massage therapy jobs have opened up in many, many places. Today’s massage therapists can be found working in

• Hospitals
• Rehabilitation centers
• Doctors offices
• Spas
• Resorts
• Private massage therapy offices
• Clinics
• Chiropractic offices
• Gyms
• Fitness centers
• Alternative health centers
• Corporate offices
• Colleges
• Private homes and offices

What Kind Of Massage Therapy Jobs Are There?

The form taken by massage therapy jobs is as diverse as the locations where massage therapists are employed. While there is still a strong call for massage therapists working to provide what might be considered elective “luxury” massage services, there is a demand for professional massage therapists whose objective is to treat physical and medical conditions as well.

Medical doctors and alternative health professionals employ massage therapists and/or refer patients to massage therapists to help in the management of numerous health conditions, including

• Back pain
• Sciatica
• Tension and tension associated medical conditions
• Migraines
• Stress and stress related illnesses
• Joint pain
• Muscle pain
• Atrophy of the muscles and soft tissues
• Bursitis
• Muscle strain and injury
• Muscle spasms
• Many more

The sports field is a large provider of massage therapy jobs. Sports medicine clinics, sports franchises, college sports teams, and individual athletes secure the ongoing services of massage therapists to treat the conditions listed above and other physical conditions; recognizing the marked increase in performance of athletes undergoing massage therapy, sports massage has been instituted as an essential part of many training programs—the increase in circulation in itself improves not only physical performance, but emotional stability as well.

Similarly, many large businesses are retaining the services of staff massage therapists; the benefits of increased health, stress relief, anxiety reduction, pain and fatigue reduction have been recognized as a great means of increasing job performance.

Many massage therapists provide services to organizations and practices as self-employed individuals with full control over their service offerings, rates, and hours. Many more are entering the field as employees working in the many positions available; to be sure, it is growing increasingly difficult to short-list the massage therapy jobs being held by qualified massage therapists as the masses come to find more and more beneficial applications for regular massage therapy.