Poor posture, tension, incorrect pillows, continuously leaning over, looking up or down for extended periods of time, diseases, illness, and injury are a few of the many causes of neck stiffness and pain. With today’s busy, fast-paced society, muscle tension is certainly one of the most common causes of neck pain. A person that has suffered from neck pain in the past is four times more likely to end up with a recurrence of this problem again. Some home remedies for neck pain relief may help prevent this from happening again. Talk to your doctor or therapist about a home exercise program, such as stretching exercises, that could help make your neck stronger, give you increased neck flexibility, and bring you neck pain relief. Customized neck pain relief exercises could also help prevent future neck pain by making your neck more injury or stress resistant. Studies show that although drugs and bed rest for a few days may help simple neck pain, they find that exercise is often a more effective neck pain relief.

Applying ice often brings neck pain relief, by decreasing inflammation and helping numb the pain. Emotional stress can cause muscle tension in your neck so, along with identifying common stressors in your life, find ways to reduce them. Relaxation techniques are one way to manage stress and find neck pain relief. Take time out of your busy day to perform progressive relaxation. Choose a place that is quiet where nobody will disturb you, and then lie or sit down. Close your eyes and starting at your neck, consciously tense or tighten each muscle and then release, working your way down your body to your feet. Abdominal breathing is another exercise that often helps you relieve tension and get neck pain relief. While sitting quietly, take a long, slow breath, pulling air deeply into your abdomen, causing it to expand. Gently suck in your stomach as you slowly exhale completely. Never inhale or exhale quickly. Repeat the abdominal breathing exercise for several minutes.

Many people do not realize that poor posture can put strain on their neck, which is very often the cause of their neck pain. You can use a door or wall to get neck pain relief and improve your posture, by helping align your body properly. Stand with your back to the door, shoulders and buttocks touching but heels a few inches from the door. The back of your head should be close but not touching the door. Step away from the wall keeping your chin level. Practice this exercise until you carry this posture all day long.