The term physiotherapy associates often refers to a group of health professionals and therapists dedicated to helping patients heal from injuries, illnesses and disorders that require outpatient care. Such professional physical and occupational therapists work in a small setting, such as a clinic, generally outside of a hospital, but not always. Physiotherapy associates clinics are branched throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and throughout the world.

As a group they offer a variety of health services depending on the individual needs of their patients. Besides clinics, sports physiotherapy associates may hold jobs in schools, or athletic clubs. Their goal is to help educate, train, and help patients recover from injury or disease.

Physiotherapy associates play an important role in body recovery. Many offer services that cover pediatrics with evaluations for children under the age of 21. The child begins an appropriate treatment once the therapist and parent agree the child will benefit from physical therapy.

Many physiotherapy associates offer therapy for assisted living. Generally, the patient goes to the clinic for rehabilitation techniques. The physical therapist doesn’t visit the patient at home. Their aim is to help the aging restore and maintain mobility, as well as increase their activity level to stay fit and reduce hospitalization.

Some hospitals refer sports related injuries to a specialist under physiotherapy associates from their hospital branch, or private practice. This includes knee, tendon, ligament, broken bones, and wrist injuries. Today it is more common to find sports physiotherapy going beyond treating injuries. There are programs to instruct athletes in techniques to keep muscles from strain, exercise programs to strengthen the body, and patient programs formed to teach the science of certain games such as golf, or tennis in hopes of preventing injury before it happens.

Patients and families with a member who has gone through a stroke will find the help they need at such clinics. Therapists are trained to work with mobility and speech problems.

A few clinics also offer drug rehabilitation, of which may or may not include in-patient care.

Beyond the practice of medicine, numerous clinics offer alternative medicine, or holistic treatment to patients who request it. Depending on the clinic this may include alternative practices like hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, Reiki, reflexology, herbs, and sometimes crystal healing. Though the majorities use aromatherapy, reflexology and herbal medicines more often, the other forms are slowing gaining popularity.

Hospitals and phones include physiotherapy associates listings. Job search engines, such as After College, list places in need of physical therapists. Many branches include information about their clinics and services on their website.