Results Physiotherapy is a collection of centers and practices scattered throughout the state of Tennessee which boast a team of experienced physical therapists from various fields of medicine. At present, the centers are located in fourteen areas inside the state, including Dickson, Union City and Clarksville. The practice has become recognized and highly praised through the national and international medical communities.

Started in 1996, Results Physiotherapy was formed with the patient’s physical, mental and emotional well being in mind. Their leaders pride themselves on maintaining quality assistance and in keeping their physiotherapists up to date with newest technologies, treatments and higher world standards. Their website,, lists services including manual and hydro (also known as aquatic) therapy, sports therapy, women’s health, and headache treatment. They also offer consultations to the patient to determine the form of injury and the right treatments to use in healing and prevention.

For manual therapy, Results Physiotherapy offers programs and treatments that cover sports related injuries. Joint and soft tissue mobilization and manipulation, and therapeuticc massage are some of the therapy performed.

Aquatic physiotherapy utilizes exercise and mobility techniques in a water filled environment, generally a heated pool. This is done one on one between therapist and patient, or the therapist may bring routines to a group of patients at once. How long a patient is expected to use the therapy depends on each person’s injury type and individual need.

A headache is a common aliment affecting more people in modern times than ever before. Stress, illness, environmental changes and allergies all can bring about the pounding, burning, nausea and sinus congestion associated with a headache, or migraine. This is why Results Physiotherapy insists on having their health care professionals learn what current methods work and how to apply them to their patients. Some of the treatments known to work include massage, postural reeducation, and cervical traction.

To receive the best results, patients should set up an appointment with a physical therapist as soon as possible. Starting a physical therapy routine as soon as the patient is able will prevent further pain and strain as well as speed recovery.

Results Physiotherapy assistants work with patients at the clinics, but also provide onsite assistance at the home or workplace for those who request it. Physiotherapists interested in joining the Results Physiotherapy family can call, visit, or go online to fill out assessment applications to set up a series of interview.

To find out more about the services offered by Results Physiotherapy, the therapists, or a clinic’s location, call or visit the website listed above.