The range of tools and equipment available to the sports medicine sector has undergone a complete metamorphosis in the last few years. Earlier, the sports medicine equipment used was limited to the secondary use of equipment that was basically meant for mainstream medicine.

For instance, the gauze, elastic bandages and tapes used were the same as used in general medicine. However, nowadays, such components are designed especially for the use of sports professionals.

Selection Criteria

Due to its crucial impact on the welfare and state-of-health of the sportsperson, the sports medicine equipment needs to be chosen carefully and in specific context of the individual concerned.

In this section, we list some of the most important guidelines to keep in mind while choosing the appropriate sports medicine equipment.

1. Choose the vendor carefully. Select a service provider who has a lot of experience and is able to guide you properly.

2. Decide the equipment in accordance with your own specific needs. If your fitness goal is maintenance of weight, try to procure good quality measuring scales as a part of your sports medicine equipment.

3. Know your state of health. Make a list of any allergies or other health problems you suffer from. Ensure that your sports medicine equipment carries all the essential medications required.

4. Conduct enough research. Talk to your colleagues, friends and family members before investing in any piece of sports medicine equipment. Learn from others’ experiences of various products available.

5. Gather knowledge. Research the internet and look for the latest information on sports medicine equipment. Always try to learn what’s latest in the industry and choose accordingly.

6. Replace on a regular basis. Never use out-dated technology and always strive to supplement your sports medicine equipment with the latest techniques available.

Key Categories

The vast range of sports medicine equipment can be discussed under various subheads and categories. In this section, we’ve briefly listed the main categories involved.

1. Arthritis and joints pain-relief products
2. Body fat analyzers
3. Lumbar sacral supports
4. Braces
5. Athletic tapes
6. Inclinometers
7. Medical scales
8. Parallel bars
9. Standing frames and tables
10. Training stairs
11. Blood pressure monitors
12. Heart rate monitors

In addition, rehabilitation and exercise equipment is also an important part of the sports medicine equipment. The most important products in this category include:

* Balance boards
* Cardio equipment
* Dumbells
* Exercise balls
* Exercise pulley & Stretching Equipment
* Foam rollers
* Intracells
* Shape belts
* Resistance bands
* Resistance tubing
* Wrist and Ankle weights