Sports medicine is one of the fastest developing branches of medicine. With an increasing number of individuals opting for competitive sports, the role of sports medicine has increased manifold in the last few years.

This trend has also further led to an increase in demand for the relevant information in the field. Athletes and sportspersons wishing to avail services of sports medicine now demand extensive information on the various aspects of this branch of medicine.

Consequently, the above has in turn caused a spurt in the number of publications being released, including the likes of research papers, articles and blogs being published, with a sports medicine journal being one of the most popular publications.

The Publications

A sports medicine journal basically serves the important purpose of highlighting the important developments and innovation happening in the field of sports medicine.

There are a vast number of sports medicine journals being issued for the purpose. To begin with, the American Journal of Sports Medicine is one of the leading publications for the orthopedic sports medicine community.

Established in 1972, it is basically a peer-reviewed scientific sports medicine journal, acting as an important forum for independent orthopedic sports medicine research and education, allowing clinical practitioners to make informed decisions based on accurate scientific information.

Similarly, the British Journal of Sports Medicine is also a leading sports medicine journal, providing valuable information on the latest developments and advancements in the field of sports medicine.

The Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine is another famous sports medicine journal serving the needs of the professionals in this field. This is basically an internationally refereed journal, published for clinicians with an inclination towards sports medicine practice. This sports medicine journal basically carries original research and reviews, which cover diagnostics, therapeutics and rehabilitation in healthy as well as physically challenged individuals of all age groups.

In addition, Sports Medicine, basically a medicine review journal, is a premier publication of its kind and has been in function for over 17 years, serving as a primary reference source for the world’s leading medical institutions.

Such sports medicine journals provide commissioned practical reviews of exercise science and clinically oriented reviews on the etiology, epidemiology, management, treatment and prevention of sports injuries.

Another quarterly publication, the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (JSSM) is also an electronic journal, publishing research and review articles, along with case studies in the field of sports medicine and exercise sciences.

Such publications generally offer regular and accurate advice and information on sports injury prevention and treatment, exercise for health and drugs in sport and guidelines for training and nutrition.