Every textbook or style of teaching claims to be the best in the field. There is nothing new about claims like that. But if you are interested in becoming a chiropractor is there one type of teaching method that rises above the others? After all if you are spending your time, energy, and money to receive an education it should be the best. Many in the chiropractic industry believe the Palmer chiropractic method of instruction is the best. There are several advantages to choosing to study with such a highly respected school. It is known to be fast paced and designed to instruct future caregivers on the latest research and techniques for healing and promoting improved quality of life for patients. If you decide the Palmer chiropractic school is right for you, you have three campus locations to choose from.

Davenport, Iowa
San Jose, California
Port Orange, Florida

Each of the Palmer chiropractic schools are dedicated to providing a quality chiropractic education in a little over three years with 5 years worth of material, but the Davenport location has something the other two don’t. Not only can you earn your chiropractic degree here, but you can also choose from one of the degrees offered here. Some students opt for an associates of science in chiropractic technology before continuing on. This is a great way to work in the field while completing your Bachelors degree. You could also go for the gold with Doctor of Chiropractic degree as well as a Bachelors of Science. If anatomy and clinical research is more your speed, you may want to work towards a Masters of Science degree. Those extras are only available at the Davenport location. However here is a look at what you can expect from all three locations in terms of chiropractic study.

Let’s break the Palmer chiropractic school experience down year by year. In the first year you can expect to have coursework in anatomy, diagnosis, neurology, and physiology. Chemistry, pathology, and bacteriology are also thrown in for good measure. Your first year alone adds up to more hours in these subjects than many of the medical schools. Year two gets even more exciting with work in actual chiropractic techniques and treatments, as well as practice management and X ray technologies. In your third and final year, you spend most of your time caring for patients in a clinical setting and working on business preparation for your very own office.

The choice is yours as far as which chiropractic school to trust with your education, but Palmer chiropractic seems to lead the way in this field of study.

Choosing the right school for graduate study can be a daunting task. If you are interested in studying the chiropractic studies, Palmer chiropractic leads the way in advanced science and techniques.