There is a new up and coming method of non-surgical back pain relief. A
treatment called IDD and boasts that up to 85% of people who suffer from
back pain can obtain relief from this method. It is definitely something
that chiropractors are finding extremely helpful for people. It is mostly
used for people with acute and chronic back pain. IDD uses computer
technology for non-surgical back pain relief. It uses a system called the
Accu-SPINA system. This system is designed to reshape the spine. It is used
best for people who have been diagnosed with herniated or bulging discs,
sciatica, degenerative disc disease such as Ankylosing Spondylitis, and
spinal stenosis. This system allows fluid, blood, and nutrients to reach the
affected disc(s) or area. Each session lasts only about 30 minutes, but it
typically does call for between 18 and 24 treatments over a recommended
period of about 8 weeks. This non-surgical back pain relief actually allows
for ligaments and tendons to re-tone and strengthen, thus offering pain
reduction. It involves being strapped to a machine, and although it is not
reimbursable through insurance providers and can be costly, the benefits are
great and it is definitely less costly than having to get back surgery. IDD
is considered a non-invasive therapy. It can actually reduce the size of a
disc injury instead of just doing something that offers a pain cover up. The
idea of actually reducing the problem or injury without surgery is a major
attraction to this method of therapy.

Unlike some other methods for non-surgical back pain relief, IDD offers a
few things that may ease people�s minds about using it. For instance, it is
done by a professional and is a trusted therapy in the medical profession.
This will give the peace of mind that some alternative methods do not offer.
It also does not have side effects like some medications and herbal
treatments. The positive results it has for people with chronic and acute
back pain gives hope to those who are thinking that surgery is their only
option. The trouble with IDD is that because it is a new non-surgical back
pain relief method, it is not found in most chiropractic offices and can be
difficult to find a service provider. The lack of accessibility can also
increase the cost, especially if travel is involved in order to obtain the
treatment. More about this treatment can be researched and service providers
can be found using local directories or by calling chiropractic offices and
finding out if this is a service they offer.