Back pain can be caused by many different things, from internal to external.
There are many joint and muscle conditions that can chronic back pain. As
well there are certain things that people do on a daily basis that can cause
injury to the back and therefore cause pain. For instance, many people have
poor posture, walk improperly, life things incorrectly, and many other
injuries. However, not everyone who has chronic back pain or who has a back
injury wants to use medications for low back pain relief. It is essential
when finding a method of low back pain relief that it meets the individual�s
needs and requirements as well as beliefs. Some religions and belief systems
prevent people from accepting certain medications and treatment. Alternative
methods for low back pain relief are becoming more popular within society.
Such methods can include acupuncture, herbs, and others.

Medicines that are prescribed or even over the counter medications often
have side effects and can interact with other medications people may be on.
Side effects can be from allergies, bowel irritation, and drowsiness. One of
the most common alternative methods for low back pain relief is acupuncture.
The first and often most influential facts about acupuncture is that it
virtually has no side effects. This is important for people who are already
on several medications or for people who have allergies to simple pain
medications. It is also helpful for people who are seeking a more natural
path to low back pain relief. Acupuncture works in a very different fashion
towards back pain than medication. Acupuncture increases the blood
circulation around the injured or painful area. Often with circulation
improves then muscles relax and immediate low back pain relief occurs. When
taking herbs for relief, it is essential that a profession is sought out to
help with the decisions. As well the person�s doctor should be fully aware
of the herbs that someone is taking because they can still interact with
medications. Some common herbs for pain relief are chamomile which is found
in tea and is known to have a relaxing effect on muscles. Bromelain is an
anti-inflammatory and is a pineapple extract. A common anti-inflammatory
that is often used is St. John�s wart but this is not to be used by women
who are experiencing back pain and are using the birth control pill as it
reduces the effectiveness of the birth control. There are many methods out
there and research is available through professionals, medical centers, and
the internet.