There are several things that can cause a lower back injury. Sometimes the
injuries are muscle or ligament related and other times the injuries are
more serious and can involve slipped discs. When the muscles in the back
strain or spasm this can cause pain that is either minor to severe. Back
injuries in the muscle can occur from lifting something improperly or even
sneezing. Ligaments are found on the bone, meaning they attach bone to bone.
Again injuries to ligaments are often caused by injuries that occur during
unusual activities that someone is not used to, for instance, yard work or
sports. A slipped disc is also called a herniated disc. This occurs when a
disc is pressing against the nerves because the disc found between the bones
of the spine bulges. The most common reason for this injury is a twisting
action while someone is lifting something. The pain of a slipped disc
usually is mild to moderate but some severe pain can occur. A doctor should
be consulted in the injury worsens or if the pain starts to spread down the
leg or the pain is so intense and severe that it is causing the inability to

The best thing to do initially after a back injury is to relax and take it
easy. For lower back pain relief lie on the floor with your knees bent and
legs up on a chair with a pillow on it. The chair is not necessary and lower
back pain relief can be achieved through just lying flat with your knees
bent. It is important to only rest for a maximum of about 48 hours because
after this your muscles tend to weaken and the pain can increase. In fact,
sometimes this could cause the injury to worsen. Heat is a great way to
achieve lower back pain relief. Heat packs, hot water bottles, heat wraps,
and other products found on the market are all available. Heat is
recommended to be used between 20 and 30 minutes at a time. Sometimes ice
packs and massage can be useful means of obtaining lower back pain relief.
It is essential to find a method for to achieve lower back pain relief so
that the day to day life of the individual is not affected for too long a
period of time. Often non-prescription pain medications are used such as
aspirin or acetaminophen. Some people are prone to straining their lower
back and in these circumstances exercise programs and proper lifting
techniques are necessary. A lower back strain or slipped disc can greatly
affect someone�s life and finding an appropriate method of lower back pain