People experience back pain not just once but several times in their lifetime. We often do so many activities that results to back pain; we have jobs that confines us in a chair the whole day or we carry a lot of heavy stuff around. We experience a little discomfort and after a while we feel better, forget all about it and get on with our routine. What we often take for granted is that these pains could already be a sign of something going wrong with you.

Some health implications of back pain

  • Stress, anxiety and depression – people may not be aware of it but people who are mostly stressed, anxious or those that are depressed experience back pain due to tensed muscles. They sometimes associate these back pain with thoughts of having a serious disease but a simple meditation or relaxation exercise often does the trick.
  • Slip disc – the vertebrae has disc in between to support the spine; it acts as a sort of cushion to protect the bones in our spines from hitting each other as we move. These discs has a soft-like gel inside that makes is a perfect buffer, however in some cases in some cases the gel inside the disc slowly tries to escape the disc and so there in the space between the spinal cord the disc bulges and causes irritation of the spinal cord and thus pinching the nerves.
  • Pelvic problems – sometimes this is caused by aging, physical activity and PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) which is common among women.
  • Internal organ problem – some internal organ problems results to back pain. These are common symptoms if you have kidney, liver and gallstone problem.
  • Serious illness – cancer and other tumors can also cause back pain especially if the cancer or tumor is within the lumbar or spine.

Prevention and remedies for back pain

If you feel back pain that keeps recurring or won’t go away, then you should see a doctor. If you feel persistent or constant pain, numbness on your extremities, difficulty moving, tingling sensations then you need to see a doctor.

  • Regular exercise regular exercise will strengthen your muscles and ligaments to help support your bones. It also helps you become more flexible and avoid injuries.
  • Weight loss- weight gain can put a strain on your back and often times it changes your posture. The weight not only makes your movement doubly hard it can also slow you down resulting to inactivity.
  • Consult a doctor there is nothing better than seeking professional advice.

Back pain can be harmless, perhaps all you need is a rest and a massage but it can also be a sign of something really serious. Don’t wait too long before you see a doctor. Sometimes even the exercise could already be making things worse if you are unaware of the real cause of your back pain. To avoid serious injuries or serious health issues, see a doctor. Live a healthy active lifestyle and take care of your body because while you can’t stop aging you can slow down the process and make your life so much easier.

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