For some types of back pain, the reason for the pain can be very mystifying for the patient and the doctor. Many individuals that suffer from moderate to severe back pain may spend years going from doctor to doctor looking for the exact cause of their pain but still have it remain a mystery. Many people do not realize that back pain, including upper back pain, can have an affect on almost any other part of their body or that the pain they feel in their back comes from other sources such as their heart or neck. There are many reasons for back pain and after going to the chiropractor or doctor to find out the cause and receive treatment, they are shocked to discover that the nature of their pain is actually from a misaligned rib. The first question out of the patient’s mouth is usually “Can a misaligned rib cause upper back pain?” The answer to that question is, yes, it definitely can cause upper back pain. Can a misaligned rib cause upper back pain but disappear or correct itself without treatment? The answer is no, it will not suddenly disappear on its own.

How can a misaligned rib cause upper back pain? The thoracic or upper back is unique because there are twelve vertebrae with two ribs attached to each, twelve on the right side and twelve on the left. Floating ribs are the two lowest pair in the ribcage. The reason they refer to them as ‘floating’ is that, unlike the other ribs attached to the sternum or sternum cartilage, floating ribs attach to the vertebrae only. Your ribs and thoracic vertebrae can misalign just like adjoining connecting vertebrae. When a rib misaligns or goes out, it can cause sharp, excruciating pain in the misaligned rib head area, especially if you turn or twist your torso. Something as simple as a severe coughing fit can cause a misaligned rib. Can a misaligned rib cause upper back pain making it difficult to breath or walk? Again, the answer is definitely yes.

If you wonder, “Can a misaligned rib cause upper back pain, which will disappear by treating it yourself, without going to the doctor? No, you definitely need to seek medical treatment from your physician. More doctors than ever are now referring patients with back pain, including misaligned rib upper back pain, to a chiropractor for alignment treatment. Prescription painkillers can help you deal with the pain. Can a misaligned rib cause upper back pain that requires ongoing treatment or pop out again in the future? There is always of chance of that happening but do not spend time worrying about something that may never happen again.