Children for elementary school level through students in college cart around backpacks that are crammed to overflowing with books, lunches, and a multitude of other things. Most children and students grab their backpack and fling it over one shoulder haphazardly because they are in a hurry to get out the door or are making a fashion statement. More doctors are seeing causes of back, shoulder and neck pain in children and teenagers caused by backpacks, which are too heavy or worn improperly. Children should not carry a backpack that exceeds more than fifteen percent of their body weight or use only one strap. Some signs to watch for indicating that the back, shoulder or neck pain in children is a result of their backpacks include, difficulty putting on or removing their backpack, pressure marks on the child’s shoulders, leaning forward while walking, and tingling or numbness in their hands or arms.

Some ways to help prevent back, shoulder and neck pain in children caused by the backpack is to make sure they wear it properly, by putting the straps over both shoulders to distribute the weight better. Be sure that the weight of the backpack does not exceed ten to fifteen percent of the child’s body weight. Preventing back and neck pain in children is extremely important so be sure they carry only the necessities in their backpack, even if it means purchasing a second set of school books, so he or she does not have to cart them back and forth from school to home. Spend a little extra and invest in a good quality backpack that has heavy padded shoulder straps and a good waist strap to balance the weight. This will help eliminate the back and neck pain in children. Children should wear their backpack with the straps tightened so it sits above their bottom.

Back and neck pain in children can result from genetic abnormality, injury, poor posture, illness, and diseases. Sports injuries and emotional stress can also cause back and neck pain in children. Contact sports are often the cause of neck and back pain. Playing hockey and sliding head first into the boards or playing soccer and heading the ball can cause misalignments in the spine. Doctors often recommend chiropractic treatment for misaligned vertebrae, which often helps not only neck pain in children but headaches, back problems, and frequent earaches.

Back and neck pain in children should be taken seriously by their parents. Look for obvious things such as poor posture or a backpack that is too heavy. If you cannot find the cause, seek medical attention for your child in order to find back and neck pain relief for him or her.