Of all the aches and pains the body may get in a lifetime, chronic back pain and neck pain are probably the most persistent nagging pains we can get. These are two pains that can disrupt our entire lives, affecting both our personal and professional life. More time is lost from work from chronic back pain and neck pain, especially back pain, than any other ailments. Approximately 1/3 of the population is affected by chronic back pains.

Chronic back pain and neck pain will drastically change and alter our daily lives and require us to understand the problem and what is causing the problem. Both of these pains can be caused from overwork, twisting and bending our bodies the wrong way, injury and even stress. Before a doctor can help us to get rid of the pain, we need to know what the cause was.

There are some instances where an individual will wake up with a back or neck pain with no prior warning or indication. In other cases, people have turned their head in much the same way as they usually do and they’ll get a sharp pain in the neck or back. If ignored and left untreated, it does not go away and turns into chronic back pain and neck pain.

Pain management is the first step towards lessening or eliminating the pain. Although pain management is different than pain treatment, it’s still very important towards helping yourself to become pain free. Pain management is a method where we learn to deal with the pain and not let it rule our lives. Pain that is left untreated such as chronic back pain and neck pain can lead to other health problems such as damaging the immune system or leading to psychological problems. It also affects our physical capabilities, making us less active and not getting the exercise we need. This is turn, will have an even more negative effect on the body.

Many patients that suffer from chronic back pain and neck pain also suffer from anxiety and depression. The constant pain and inability to lead a normal life because of it, make the sufferer depressed and feeling helpless, which ultimately leads to more pain. Many doctors recommend sufferers seek counseling from a qualified psychologist. Often, when the therapy begins to help our emotional being, we begin to feel more energetic, which helps our physical condition. Our physical and emotional beings are linked so closely together that one may often affect the other. In some cases, chronic back pain and neck pain are brought on from a psychological problem.

Doctors always recommend seeking treatment as soon as you begin to experience back or neck problems as they can affect your entire life if left untreated.