Looking for pain relief that will heal and sooth your aches quickly? A new therapy tactic is available with new science innovations. Deep tissue laser therapy delivers pain release and eases healing.

The process is called photobiostimulation, where the laser penetrates with light energy to the area to reduce the inflammation. This type of treatment also has been shown to increase the circulation which is how the recovery process is sped up. It is now being used as treatment for a variety of different conditions and types of injury.

Process of Pain Relief

In most types of injuries, cells are damaged or receive less oxygen. The injury is apparent because of swelling or inflammation, which is how doctors know where to send laser treatments. There are a lot of benefits, here are the positive effects and features of using laser therapy:

  • Non-invasive relief
  • Immediate reduction of swelling
  • Accelerated growth of tissues
  • Quicker cell repair
  • Increased nerve function
  • Improved circulation

Laser therapy is only successful in treating damaged cells. Healthy cells see fewer changes, because there is no need for healing or recovery. The stimulation proves to be most effective on damaged cells in the body.

There are a variety of injuries that favor this type of treatment, because of the non-invasive nature. Knee and back pain treatment in Berkeley Heights NJ, are not uncommon. Doctors have been using this method for these types of injuries with a lot of success.

It triggers and targets the same points that are used in acupuncture. The biggest benefit is that there is no use of needles. These trigger points allow the body to cleanse and recover without chemical dependencies.

Other Options

There are other methods for taking care of swollen or aching bodies. However, because so many of them require chemical drugs people are always looking for different solutions. That is why Laser Therapy is becoming so widely used, because it allows people to function at a normal level while undergoing treatment.

Other options for care in pain are painkillers or surgery. Depending on the type of injury that you have sustained, you could be looking at weeks of recovery time. Laser treatments cause little to no pain during treatments. For some patients however, there is an increase in pain for 6-24 hours following the procedures. However, when looking at the scope of things, if this allows you to avoid surgery it seems well worth it.

Laser treatments cause no sensation or pain, different from laser hair or tattoo removal. And as an added benefit the treatment sessions are relatively short. People are able to visit their doctors during the day and return to work; much like a chiropractic visit.

Your conditions and injury will determine a lot of things about the success of laser treatment, but when looking at other options it seems like a positive choice. Surgery and painkillers can take weeks to recover from and it’s usually a difficult time for the entire family; if the injury could be assisted with mere laser therapy it would be the option to use.