Back pain can negatively affect our daily lives regardless of where it’s located. Whether it’s upper back pain, lower back pain or upper right back pain, it can still be very intense. You can have acute or chronic back pain, but chances are there is some sort of treatment for whichever type is bothering you.

The most common type of back pain is lower back pain, but many people also suffer from upper back pain on one side or the other or both. If you suffer from upper right back pain, there is upper right back pain treatment that your doctor will recommend depending on what your back symptoms are. The purpose of the upper back is to support the neck and upper body. Upper right back pain can be from misuse of your back, strain or an injury. The main causes of upper back pain are joint malfunction and irritation of the muscles. Although many different things may cause upper right back pain, these are the two main causes.

The main causes of joint malfunction are injury to the joints or strain to the back. This malfunction can occur on the left or right sight of the upper back. There are different forms of upper right back pain treatment for joint malfunction. Although at one time a source of controversy, chiropractors can work with and manipulate the upper back to loose up the muscles and get them in the order they were originally. A physical therapist or osteopathic doctor will also be able to help with your upper right back pain treatment.

In addition to the physical therapy and manipulation, your doctor will probably prescribe ant-inflammatory drugs to help with the pain. This part of the upper right back pain treatment is usually together with the therapy.

Muscular irritation is usually not caused by injury or strains like joint malfunction. Irritated muscles usually occur from poor muscle strength, lack of physical activity or poor posture. Upper right back pain treatment usually is also chiropractic care of physical therapy. The physical therapist will help to strengthen your muscles and give you stretching exercises for at home. The stronger your muscles become the less upper back pain you will have. A massage therapist is also very helpful in relieving the pain in your upper right back. Acupuncture is another very successful method of upper right back pain treatment. If the pain in your upper right back is severe, your doctor may give you pain relievers to take along with the therapy.