Chronic back pain, once it starts can last a long time, often causing a person to changer their entire lifestyle. Doctors will usually start with a conservative treatment plan of rest and some type of exercise physical therapy for chronic back pain. Although is some cases, medication and surgery are prescribed and needed, exercise & physical therapy for chronic back pain will usually be the first step.

Many people underestimate the importance of exercise. Physical therapy for chronic back pain will often put the back in the correct position as well as work on the muscles, which may be pulled or stretched. Muscles play an important role in the workings of our back. Sometimes they may be pulled or stretched during physical activity and result in back pain, which becomes chronic back pain if not correctly early.

For patients with acute back pain (less than three months), it is not recommended that you get too much exercise. Physical therapy for chronic back pain is recommended more for chronic back pain, which has gone on for an extended period of time. Exercise or physical therapy for chronic back pain should be prescribed only by a qualified physical therapist. Many people that try to start their own exercise and physical therapy sessions wind up hurting themselves more. Physical therapists understand the back and how it works, so they know best what parts of the back should be worked on for each individual pain.

What many people don’t understand is that exercise physical therapy for chronic back pain involves more than just doing daily exercises, which could injury the back even more. The physical therapist may use heat and electro-therapies in addition to the exercise & physical therapy for chronic back pain you are suffering from. The therapist will also work with you in teaching your correct movements of the back to avail further damage. Therapy for a back injury does not consist of just one trip to the physical therapist. The first visit will involve evaluation of the chronic back pain as well as what part of the back is involved. After working with you and providing physical therapy, you will be given a list of exercises you can do at home to strengthen and improve the back pain.

Many people don’t like going to physical therapy at first because it may seem like it brings more pain than the pain that brought you to see him in the first place. This is only temporary and will eventually help to eliminate the pain and make the back stronger.