Of all the people that suffer from back pain, the majority of them have lower back pain. There are many causes and treatment of lower back pain. Lower back pain affects people almost all ages, with those between 30 and 50 years of age being the most common. Teenagers are also sometimes affected by lower back pain from carrying heavy backpacks every day causing strain on the lower back. The main causes of lower back pain are too little or too much work for the body. Individuals that have a very sedentary lifestyle may develop lower back pain because their muscles are weak. However, a person with a very active lifestyle may also develop lower back pain from overusing the back. The causes and treatment of lower back pain can vary with each individual.

Some of the causes of lower back pain are bulging or ruptured disc, sciatica, spinal degeneration, heavy lifting, osteoporosis, spinal stenosis and age. All of these conditions can become serious if they are not treated early in their stage. An example is a bulging or ruptured disc that is left untreated may get pushed in the spinal canal where it will lay against the lumbar and nerve roots. Besides causing severe pain, this condition known as cauda equine syndrome, can also cause permanent neurological damage. Any time you suspect you are developing back problems, it is important to understand all the causes and treatment of lower back pain.

Many cases of lower back pain are caused by poor posture or improper sitting, lifting and bending. There are so many days of employment lost due to lower back pain in the employees that many companies have pamphlets and seminars for their employees explaining and educating them on the causes and treatment of lower back pain. Many cases of lower back pain, or any back pain, could have been avoided with good ergonomics. Many dollars of money goes into workmen’s compensation claims for employee that developed work-related lower back pain.

Treatment for lower back pain will vary depending on the individual and the severity of the pain. In most cases, surgery can be avoided. Most people that suffer with lower back pain don’t want to have to endure surgery unless they have no other choice. When you first hurt your back, it is important to put ice on the sore spot for up to 15 minutes every few hours on the first day or two of the injury or soreness. This is very important to avoid swelling. It also has sometimes made the difference of the pain getting better quicker or advancing to something more serious.

This is what the doctor will recommend when you see him for the causes and treatment of lower back pain. You will be advised to take pain reliever and anti-inflammatory medicine for first few days. If you are not better in a few days, your doctor will probably want to see you to take X-rays. Unless something serious shows up requiring surgery, the doctor will usually recommend physical therapy, which is very helpful in most lower back pain cases. Physical therapy may feel painful at the time it is being done, but will help in the end. You will also be given exercises to do at home to make the pain lessen as well as protect your back in the future.